Article by: Jennifer Farrar | Photos courtesy of Luca Venter | Posted: 04/26/2012

The term “popular culture” is being redefined by Denver, Colorado band Popcult, as frontman Justin Renaud explains, “I thought it was a bold move to name a band something as all encompassing as ‘Popular Culture.’ We liked Popcult because it followed the two-word-to-one-word naming convention of your Radioheads and Coldplays.”

The young, up-and-coming alternative rock band is comprised of Justin Renaud, Tyler Venter (guitar), Alex Halverson (bass) and Brandon Proff (drums). The band started up in 2010, and last July they released their first self-titled EP. Currently, they are all working various day jobs and in their spare time, creating their second EP.

The band’s first EP was written by Renaud, Venter and the band’s honorary fifth member Matthew Wilcox, who also serves as their producer/song-writer/engineer. To record the album, the band decided to head off to a friend’s mansion, nestled away in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains--which is captured in the artwork of their EP.

“I had never really made a record before,” remarks Renaud. “We constantly looked to Matt [Wilcox] for advice. He’s been doing this for a long time and we couldn’t have made anything worth listening to without him.” 

They are hoping to have their second EP released by July, which will coincidentally mark the first birthday of their debut EP Popcult, points out Renaud. 

“It will be interesting to see how much has changed in a year. We're going into it much more open-minded than the first time around,” explains Renaud. “We're kind of throwing caution to the wind and doing whatever we want. Last time we wanted to make an alternative rock record, and that definitely shined through. We're really trying not to limit ourselves by any genre or pre-conceived opinions about Popcult.” 

Their music demonstrates the ability to take risks without losing sight of who they are. The barely-legal group says that with the release of their second EP, they’ve experimented even further and have become more carefree with their writing. “Open-minded-pop-rock,” is how Renaud describes Popcult’s music, which is also noticeably influenced by British pop-rock bands, and thus allows for them to have considerable room to experiment.

While Popcult has not yet ventured too far out of the Colorado area, they are proving their time will come. Right now they are working towards doing what many other artists strive to do in the early stages of being a band--defining their sound, making their mark, hitting local bars and clubs, and seeking the right opportunity to expand their horizons. 

Popcult is not afraid to set their sights on even loftier aspirations, however. “My goal as an artist is to contribute to the art instead of just taking from it,” remarks Renaud. “It would be really cool if one day someone heard a song that I wrote and wanted to steal a chord progression or a vocal melody. That would be the most flattering thing in the world. I guess I just want to be inspirational to somebody.”

Download Popcult for free at http://popcultband.com/


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Popcult - "Life In the Wind"

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