Jillian Edwards

Jillian Edwards

Article by: Article By: Quinn Erwin | Posted: 03/13/2012

Folk-pop starlet Jillian Edwards is winning over the airwaves with her sophomore release, and true to its title, she is diving headfirst into a successful career in music.

In the two years since her debut EP Galaxies & Such was released, Edwards continued her education at Baylor University and focused on building her following and developing her craft.   After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Edwards moved from Texas to Nashville, TN to jump straight into the studio with singer/songwriter and producer Chris August to record Headfirst.

Her anything-goes approach on her first record naturally gave way to a deeper sense of self and maturity on the second. As Edwards puts it, “Songs have an age...and these seven songs represent pretty well what I’m doing now.”

Headfirst showcases Edwards’ nectary voice and focused style, while building on the honesty that gained her acclaim from the beginning.  It is this authenticity that Edwards has strived to cultivate and maintain as a trademark of who she is as an artist and a communicator.

“My songs always have been and always will be...true in some sense...and if the exact story may not have happened, they become true when I’m singing them because they’re part of me,” states Edwards, “...that’s something that’s really important to me.”

“There’s something to someone believing me,” she muses.

Edwards’ new batch of songs certainly graduate from a wide-eyed young girl longing for love and dealing with heartbreak to a young woman sharing songs of hope and solidarity with her listeners.  Whether listening to the heart wrenching “Once Should Be Enough,” or the playful “Keep You Here With Me,” her latest record is still full of songs that deal with relationships and the trials of life, but with a sense of wisdom that the years in between records have afforded her the opportunity to gain.  The musical backdrop behind Edwards’ voice only serves to embellish this that much more, and makes it apparent that her sense of story runs much deeper than words can convey.

“The ability to feel is one of the greatest gifts no matter what the feeling is because it shows us we’re real and we’re reachable,” she states. While definitely validating her feelings, Headfirst also validates the emotions of her listeners which is the mark of a true artist.

Headfirst was very well received upon its release, staying on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts for several weeks and garnering Edwards a spot on the iTunes homepage.  Since then, she has had the opportunity to open for Ben Rector and Drew and Ellie Holcomb.

Catch her this April for a very special college tour with good friend and artist Johnny Stimson.



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Jillian Edwards - "Mind Made Up"

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