Young Moon's "Navigate Like The Swan"

Young Moon's "Navigate Like The Swan"

  • Article by: Sean Maloney
  • Posted: 07/25/2012

Wait a second, last night was a late one – who are we listening to again? Young Buck? Young Jeezy? I now it's not Eli Young, Young the Giant, Young Knives, La Monte Young, Neil Young or Henny Youngman. And I'm pretty sure I'm not listening to Young MC – who's old at this point – Fine Young Cannibals, Young Dro, Young Widows or Young Man. And it seems weird that it would be Young Marble Giants, Young Black Teenagers, Young Fresh Fellows, The Young Dubliners, Malcolm and/or Angus Young. And I'm almost certain that I'm not listening to Dead Moon, Black Moon, Rabbit in the Moon, Sun Kil Moon, Keith Moon or Mooney Suzuki. It's not Moon Safari, The Moon & Antarctica, Harvest Moon, Full Moon Fever, Dark Side of the Moon or Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town.

Oh, we're listening to Young Moon? Thank you, dear reader for reminding me of that totally forgettable name. I'm not surprised it slipped my mind – Navigate Like the Swan (7/24/12, Western Vinyl) is the sort of lethargic, mid-tempo indie rock that just floats right through one ear and out the other. It's like Bruce Springsteen ate a fistful of Xanax and was like, “Fuck it, I'm remaking Tunnel of Love!'” and made you sit down and watch Top Gun while you waited. Because a 'luded out Tunnel of Love is exactly what the world needs right now. Kidding! 

Navigate Like The Swan makes me think that Mr. Moon (aka Trevor Montgomery, a tile setter by day) probably posts a lot of passive aggressive Facebook statuses and doesn't put a new roll of toilet paper on the spindle after he's taken a massive dump. It's an album that sounds like mopey roommates, suburban boredom and, well, prescription drugs copped off of unsuspecting party hosts. (Although actually, Montgomery has stated that influences for his previous album The Trickster include crystal meth, heavy psychedelics, and riding trains, but hey, they have the same resulting sound.) I, for one, think I'll be listening to Young Fresh Fellows for the rest of the day.

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