The Week’s "Gutter Gaunt Gangster"

The Week’s "Gutter Gaunt Gangster"

  • Article by: Daryl Sanders
  • Posted: 10/21/2011

On their new EP Gutter Gaunt Gangster, neo-Southern rockers The Weeks establish themselves as a band to watch.

Five of the record’s six tracks were recorded, mixed and coproduced by Winn McElroy at Black Wings Studios in Water Valley, Miss., but the opener, “Stigmata,” was recorded under the direction of the in-demand songwriting and production team of Justin Louck and Ian Fitchuk after the band relocated from Jackson, Miss., to Nashville.

Not surprisingly, “Stigmata” is the standout track, thanks in no small part to the studio wizardry of Louck and Fitchuk. But that is not to suggest the other cuts lack merit. The Weeks — Cyle Barnes (lead vocals) Cain Barnes (drums), Damien Bone (bass) and Sammy D (guitar) — wrote all the songs on Gutter Gaunt Gangster and they show a lot promise as songwriters. The band speaks for many Southerners on the rootsy “Slave to the South,” and “I’ve Broken All Your Windows” is a captivating slice of heartland rock & roll featuring dynamic drumming by Cain Barnes and impassioned vocals by his twin brother Cyle. With an assured delivery and a rich, deep tone thick with Southern soul, Cyle distinguishes himself as a vocalist throughout the EP.

With Gutter Gaunt Gangster, The Weeks not only demonstrate their growth as musicians and songwriters, they also serve notice they may have what it takes to be a breakout band.



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