Tyler Bryant

Tyler Bryant

  • Article by: Jason O’Toole
  • Posted: 09/20/2011

Tyler Bryant bleeds for the music he writes. His new album, appropriately named From The Sandcastle, proves that he himself knew from his origins that there was a guitar god buried within him. Bryant’s DNA is laced with guitar heroes like Slash, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, and he has the defining ability to write catchy enough songs to appeal to today’s budding blues enthusiasts as well.

Bryant begins the album with a Robert Johnson-esque intro. From there, blazing country and rock riffs ensue. Bryant cranks his Marshall stack up to 11 for the majority of the album; hashing out lick after inferno lick to the delight of the listener. Using a chilling distortion effect for his vocals, he completes his sound with the rebelliousness his fans wear out their vocal chords for at every show.

Among some of the album’s elite is the song “The House That Jack Built.” Bryant channels a heavy rock storyteller persona with his interpretation of the old fable, Jack and Jill. “Jack” is the most dynamic song of the album, including a bridge, which features the musicianship of his band, the Shakedown – all in cut time. The rhythm-heavy tune is flooded with energy conducive to the ripped-jean rawness his bluesy Texas heritage taught him.

The album holds the appearance of a hard rock and blues infusion, but then adds sonic depth with “Good Life.” The swift jumps into the cool and melodic classic rock sound would make even Petty proud that his thumbprint is being kept alive. Bryant’s intonation and rhythm are strong so as to not be intrusive, but he still lets his passion ride out through the fingertips of his sharp-edged solos.

His passion is nothing short of incendiary on the track “Say A Prayer.” This may transport even the most conservative of listeners into a dark, ‘70s-era bedroom, with candles lit and patchouli burning.

There’s no question that this album flaunts the guitar expertise the young virtuoso has built his career upon. His stage presence is commanding, like witnessing someone who was born with a Stratocaster and an infinite arsenal of tab licks. He can unleash at any moment and is thrilling to hear on record. With such high energy and undeniable talent, Bryant is a modern star reminiscent of an earlier era.

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"Kick the Habit" - Tyler Bryant

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