Two Wounded Birds' "Two Wounded Birds"

Two Wounded Birds' "Two Wounded Birds"

  • Article by: Jon O'Brien
  • Posted: 06/25/2012

An homage to the reverb-drenched pop of the 60s, Two Wounded Birds’ eponymous debut album sees the surf-rock quartet attempt to restore some glamour to their faded seaside hometown of Margate in East Kent, England.

Closely associated with The Drums (the band is signed to Jacob Graham’s label, Holiday Friends Recording Company, whilst brilliantly named TWB frontman Johnny Danger regularly stands in as The Drums’ guitarist), there’s a similar unashamed sense of teenage abandon running throughout the album’s 12 tracks.

Opener “Together Forever” is a glorious fusion of Beach Boys harmonies and shimmering rockabilly which could quite easily double up as an alternative theme song to Happy Days; “Daddy’s Junk” is an energetic slice of classic rock ‘n’ roll which suggests that their love of The Ramones extends to more than just their leather jacket/dark sunglasses image, while the bittersweet brill-building pop of “I’m No Saviour” swooningly recalls Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound.

But it’s when the band explores its melancholic streak that the album becomes more than just another evocative trip down memory lane. “My Lonesome” and “Night Patrol” eschew the upbeat, jangly riffs for some ominous twangs and sinister atmospherics which sound like they belong in a David Lynch mind-bender. “Growing” is a paranoid affair which echoes the sparseness of The xx before slowly building into a suitably dramatic finale. 

There are a couple of moments which appear to have borrowed wholesale from their influences, particularly the Spaghetti Western instrumental, “The Last Supper.” But despite their less-than-flashy surroundings, Two Wounded Birds have managed to create a seductive cinematic record which is worthy of competing with their more “Hollywood” friends.

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