Twin Shadow's "Confess"

Twin Shadow's "Confess"

  • Article by: Jon O'Brien
  • Posted: 07/06/2012

Fusing together the stadium new wave of Simple Minds, the dramatic electro of Talk Talk and the synth-funk of Prince, bedroom pop maestro George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow, further establishes his child of the ‘80s credentials with his second unashamedly nostalgic album, Confess (7/10/12, 4AD). 

Inspired by the split-second thoughts that entered his head after a motorbike accident, it’s an understandable blood-rush of a record that combines themes of love, regret and desire with a self-assurance and coolness that matches his heavily coiffeur’d, leather jacket-wearing persona. 

Lead single “Five Seconds” is an air-punching anthem whose chugging riffs and driving beats are just begging to be played over a Brat Pack montage sequence, as is the irresistibly danceable “The One.” “Run My Heart” is a compelling bittersweet ballad which combines the melodramatics of fellow synth-pop revivalists Hurts with the blue-collar rock melodies of Bruce Springsteen, while “Beg For The Night” is a suitably moody slice of retro indie-disco filled with crystalline guitars and low-slung bass-lines.

Elsewhere, “You Call Me On” adheres to the “everything but the kitchen sink” method of production, flirting with everything from clattering R&B to industrial metal to skank reggae. “I Don’t Care” sounds like One Republic’s “Apologize” as mixed by The xx, while “Patient” infuses its atmospheric funk with a winding guitar solo straight out of the Purple Rain handbook.  

Stuck in a mid-80s time-warp it may be, but by wearing its influences so clearly on its sleeve, it’s impossible not to admire just how great a pastiche Confess is.

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