Tidelands' "We've Got A Map"

Tidelands' "We've Got A Map"

  • Article by: Abby Wheeler
  • Posted: 08/03/2012

Hot on the heels of their debut album, If…, San Francisco based indie rock duo, Tidelands, has eagerly added to their resume with the compilation of their sophomore effort, We’ve Got A Map (8/7/12, Redgummy Records). 

It has been a little over a year since the release of If…, and the band’s quick turnaround is characteristic of their overall spontaneity and free-spirited approach in-studio.  In fact, drummer Mie Araki (native to Osaka, Japan) claims that the word “spontaneity” best describes the album as a whole and fully captures the songwriting style of the duo, who worked without listening back to most of the album’s tracks throughout the process. The result? What vocalist, guitarist, and flugelhorn player Gabriel Leis believes is a very “organic” work, representing a shift in sound and style for the band. 

Leis aptly defines his default writing style as both “heavy” and “heady,” citing his handiwork on the band’s darker debut album. Upon acquainting oneself with We’ve Got A Map, however, the duo’s story takes a turn with lighter, more uplifting tracks like “The New Black” and “Japan,” a whirring display of catchy insightfulness a la Ben Folds, Ben Gibbard, or The Decemberists, which characterize and quantify the band’s creative stream of consciousness in the rapid flow from If… to We’ve Got A Map

Dividing their attention instinctively among a number of issues, Tidelands’ latest album addresses everything from American Imperial guilt (“The New Black”) to sexual healing (“Sexy Fox”) and the unspoken pleasures of intimate company (“Coil”), all in eight tracks. The result is a comprehensive and creative work blazing new territory for the duo, whose ingenuity and openness are evident in their swift second effort.

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