Teengirl Fantasy's "Tracer"

Teengirl Fantasy's "Tracer"

  • Article by: Seth Graves
  • Posted: 08/22/2012

Electronic music seems like a pretty smart medium on paper. After all, it’s music made with computers. At one time that involved multiple machines to speak with one another and entire songs mapped out in a special nerd code that only the geekiest musicians understood. But, as electronica and functionality became mutually inclusive, this techno wizardry started coming off a little dumb. Synonymous with end users taking credit for the creative process (i.e. DJs), dance songs that are essentially about dancing and soundtracks to massage parlors and yoga studios, what happened to electronica we simply just listen to?

Bubbling on the outskirts of the radar has always been a fringe of gadget geeks, like Atom Heart, Matmos and labels like Tigerbeat6, chopping and screwing sounds both synthetic and man-made to create soundscapes that sound completely alien, rhythmically compelling and simply ideal for whatever it was you were already going to do after you pressed “play.”

The point is you can file Teengirl Fantasy among both sects, particularly on their sophomore LP, Tracer (8/21/12, True Panther Sounds). This Ohio duo fuses soft, ambient sounds you might otherwise find on an Enya record with dance-y basslines, chirping synthesizers and mangled samples to create dreamy instrumental soundscapes with pulsing, textured rhythms and throws in just enough guest vocals to keep it interesting throughout. The Panda Bear collab “Pyjama” is a transcendental new-age glitchfest that you might potentially find use for as a yoga mat if you really wanted, while the Romanthony-featured “Do It” is a dancefloor house anthem aimed straight at the DJ booth.

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