Summer Camp's "Always" EP

Summer Camp's "Always" EP

  • Article by: Sean Maloney
  • Posted: 07/09/2012

While ostensibly our summer camp experiences were supposed to be about God and the Bible and stuff, we actually used our weeks at sleep away camp to find out about as much non-sacred music as possible. While we probably can't quote any passages from the good book anymore – except maybe that one about how you can't go to church if your nuts get crushed – we're definitely still enamored with our secular discoveries. N.W.A, Slayer, The Lemonheads, Bikini Kill, and early techno weren't the sort of thing that made it to our sleepy suburban hometown and we had to take any opportunity to connect with other fans in the pre-internet, pre-social networking era – eternal damnation be damned.

And it's through that hazy gauze of nostalgia -- that possibly warped remembrance of juvenile naivete -- that we approach Summer Camp's new EP Always. For real, how are you supposed to review a band named Summer Camp without thinking about summer camp? You can't, but that's not really a bad thing – the breezy electro-pop of Always is perfect for a season spent that much closer to the sun. Like a clandestine recommendation for the cool counselor, this EP has the taste of sin and the allure of an undiscovered world.  

Perhaps the most sinful is the sleepy opener, “Life,” which is slow to start and evokes a sensual PJ Harvey circa White Chalk, slinking around in preparation for either seduction or a drug overdose. But after about 30 tortuous seconds of tinny piano tinklings, the song escalates into a strapping dance anthem that properly sets the tone for the remainder of the EP. “City” is a standout with its fuzzy groove and laconic solo from guest rapper Pyramid Vritra of Odd Future. Songs like the woozy “Outside,” and the bouncy title track are laid back and montage-soundtrack-ready, yet filled with steamy, sultry energy -- perfect for heady, humid adventures.

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