Amy Stroup

Amy Stroup

  • Article by: Troy Akers; Live photos by Troy Akers
  • Posted: 08/01/2011

Love is merely a word to some, an emotion to others and a song to Amy Stroup. Quietly, in the midst of a newly remodeled 3rd & Lindsley, Stroup brought on a brigade of openers with folk singer/songwriter Micah Dalton and the mystifying band Neulore to usher in her hometown show, celebrating her newest release: The Other Side of Love Sessions

Stroup, who is no stranger to the Nashville scene, was recently added to the revamped Nashville-based group Ten Out of Tenn. However, on this Sunday evening, it was all about the hopeful songs from her newest record. 

Graced with an incredible band, including violinist Eleonore Denig, who has played with Stroup for the past few years, brought to life the intricate stories woven by this young talent. 

Standout songs of the night included "Backed Into The Corner" and "Just You," which Stroup playfully revealed to the audience as the culprit hypnotizing anyone who had seen a recent eHarmony commercial calling singles to join the dating website.

Perhaps the most enchanting moment of the night came from the closing song, "Hold Onto Hope Love," during which Stroup was joined onstage by her producer, Thomas Doeve. 

Amy approached the audience confronting her deepening enchantment with the pursuit of love. The moment struck a chord of truth that reverberated throughout the room. After all, whether the audience members were blue-collar workers or fellow musicians, each one seemed to resonate with some aspect of the familiar longing.

Closing with the line "Someday soon / I'll find you / Someday soon / I'll know you," Stroup left her fans hoping that there’s more to come from this young artist as she reaches that other side of love.

  • Amy Stroup
  • Amy Stroup

"The Other Side of Love Sessions Behind the Scenes by MotionSickness " - Amy Stroup

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