Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers Gift Horse

Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers Gift Horse

  • Article by: Derek Medeiros
  • Posted: 10/18/2011

The Massachusetts based rock group Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers have been popping up everywhere recently. You may have seen the band’s name in a YouTube ad, or heard that they’re headlining Jon McLaughlin’s current nationwide tour. “Gravity,” the band’s hit single, looks to be the only thing holding these guys to the earth. 
Commonly referred to by fans as the acronym “SK6ERS,” these musicians released their fifth studio album this past week affectionately labeled Gift Horse

Eleven songs strong, the album catches the listener off guard at the start with the clever verse, “Celebrate before it’s too late/ You’re fear of the future’s your greatest mistake/There’s a song, we sing it out loud/It ain’t nothing as sweet as the sound of a crowd.”

Gift Horse is littered with Kellogg’s personality, and yet that makes it all the more easy to relate to. We’ve all “cranked up Pearl Jam” and sang along from time to time, as they reminisce to “Who We Are, Who We’ll Become.”

It is evident throughout the album that Kellogg is an expert songwriter, and the band’s other three members benevolently adhere each lyrical emotion. All four musicians are versatile so it is not uncommon for any of the SK6ERS to swap instruments between songs and carry on with the setlist.

That being said, Kellogg finds his home on the acoustic guitar for the album’s final track, “Noelle, Noelle.” He tells his listeners honestly, “People may talk about mistakes that I have made/Or records I could never sell.”

Well, it’s safe to say those times have come and gone, and so has the man who wrote them. Gift Horse is one of those records that could spin for hours, only pausing shortly to fix the needle.

Stream the entire album Gift Horse at

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