• Article by: Carla Antonelli, Photo by: Brad Butcher
  • Posted: 09/29/2011

Kicking off day two of Next Big Nashville’s SoundLand was the city’s latest electronic, indie rock outfit SPELLS. Trevor Tillery’s one-man band brought the heat to 12th & Porter for their second-ever live performance with a full band. 

Speaking with Tillery before the show, he said he was “truly grateful to be a part of SoundLand and happy to be part of the Nashville (music) scene.” The band was elated to be performing before Foster the People took the outdoor 12th Avenue Block Party Stage.

It was refreshing to hear a young artist weave melodies together to form something new with hints of Coldplay and Radiohead. Beginning with the title track to his six-song EP Escapist, SPELLS set the tone with a synth-driven sound that came alive with a full band. SPELLS songs ebb and flow like many of the best English ‘shoe-gazer’ bands of the ‘90s.  

When SPELLS launched into the rocking “Where Have You Been?” he had the audience captivated by its wall of sound.  The beautiful “Arella” slowed things down for a tick, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind. “Hi/Lo” got the crowd going again with its U2-esque beat. SPELLS closed the show with “Transient,” another beautiful track that truly came to life.

The 30-minute set went by way too quickly, as everyone was just getting into the sound when it was suddenly over. It’s a shame many festivalgoers missed SPELLS because the set overlapped with Cults, the current indie “it” band, who performed on the Block Party Stage outside. No need to worry, though, because we’ll be hearing more from SPELLS very soon. 

Download two tracks from SPELLS for free at briterevolution.com/artist/spells



Spells-Escapist Teaser

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