Sister Winter's, "Sister Winter" EP

Sister Winter's, "Sister Winter" EP

In the '90s, most of the influential female voices captured by radio waves were of the confessional rock genre--(think Alanis Morrisette, Courtney Love and Liz Phair). But with the death rattle of the angst-ridden decade emerged a softer, controlled sound coming from musicians with X chromosomes.

Following this precedent, the newly formed Sister Winter relies on simple lyrics and delicate vocals to reach the marrow of a song. Much like Feist and Jessie Baylin, the ethereal voice of front-woman Crisanta Baker makes for a stirring musical journey. Baker, aided by Matthew Wilcox (Ancient Mariner, POPCULT, American Tomahawk, Nightbeds), creates romantically haunting melodies that oscillate over piano and acoustic guitars.  

Clocking in at nearly five minutes, "All These Days," makes for a dreamy experience, as Baker sleepily sings, "You said you'd never leave me alone/ You said you'd keep me from this pain/ Now my world is caving in like it was made to." There is something familiar and infectious about this track, although not a bit of pop residue can be found on it.

"Many Years" is a  musical kaleidoscope, with an electronica-meets-orchestral sound, as Baker's voice fills up the song like it's a cathedral. The piano-heavy, "Your Light," is reminiscent of Regina Spektor circa 2009 with the lighthearted lyrics, "How I wanted to find you all alone / How I needed to hear your heartbeat / How your smile shined like the sun / And rescued this heart of mine."

Both peaceful and powerful, these songs make for a promising beginning for an unweathered band.



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