Peaking Lights' "Lucifer"

Peaking Lights' "Lucifer"

  • Article by: Jon O'Brien
  • Posted: 06/18/2012

Referring to its Latin meaning of “light-bearer” rather than the more common devilish definition, Peaking Lights’ third album, Lucifer, has been described by the Wisconsin husband and wife duo as “a nocturnal version of their sound.” 

Ironically, considering its cycle of darkness concept, the follow-up to 2011’s 936 finds Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis adopting a much sunnier disposition than those familiar with their previous claustrophobic brand of electronica.

“Beautiful Son” is a gorgeous fusion of hazy psychedelia, twanging surf guitars and gospel piano which recalls the blissed-out euphoria of early Primal Scream. The tropical riffs, lolloping synths and acoustic house grooves of “Live Love” are the perfect foil for Dunis’ hushed romantic mutterings, whilst the recent addition to the family, Mikka, adds to the family affair vibes, gurgling away on the new-age dub of “LO HI.”

In other hands, this overwhelming sense of contentment could have bordered on the sickly sweet. But the pair’s fondness for spaciousness ensures that each one of the record’s eight ethereal soundscapes, from the mellow skank reggae of “Cosmic Tides” to the woozy ambience of “Dream Beat,” are never anything less than palatable.

A little more restraint wouldn’t go amiss elsewhere, with only the chiming lullaby of instrumental opener “Moonrise” and the echo-laden comedown of closer “Morning Star” clocking in under the six-minute mark. 

However, taking into account the life-changing circumstances in which the record was born, a smattering of self-indulgence, (particularly one that’s wrapped up in such a warm and inviting sound), can perhaps be forgiven.

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