Morning Teleportation at Mercy Lounge, 4/13/12

Morning Teleportation at Mercy Lounge, 4/13/12

  • Article by: Trent Singer | Photo Credit: Cory Schwartz
  • Posted: 04/17/2012

There was a unique energy about Friday’s show at Mercy Lounge--a night which featured opening performances from Schools and Sol Cat before ending with a lengthy, hour-and-a-half performance by Morning Teleportation.

Led by lead singer and guitarist Jeremi Simon, Schools set the tone early with a clamorous set, reaffirming why the band from Bowling Green, KY is known for its rowdy garage rock. “Beautiful Disaster” and “Alien” were two of the group’s more distinguished songs, both different in sound but similar in content. The young band was well-rehearsed and seemed confident for the duration of the set.

Nashville-based Sol Cat kept the audience entertained with a brief set, featuring dueling guitars and well-rounded bass, which made for a very cohesive sound. “Harmony Safari”  was a memorable number, driven by a tribal beat that exploded into a chaotic flurry of guitar noises as it reached its climactic end. The newly-formed band anticipates a spring release of their upcoming Jungle Sessions EP.

Finally, Morning Teleportation took the stage. After living in Portland, OR and recording an album with legendary Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock, the band has returned to Bowling Green, KY, where they met and formed in 2005. The band released their debut album Expanding Anyway in March 2011. Everything from the album’s colorful and abstract artwork to the music itself gives insight into the process behind Morning Teleportation’s crafted sound.

At the beginning of their set, lead singer Tiger Merritt experienced some guitar problems as the band struggled through “Foreign Planes.” Merritt quickly switched instruments, and as he began to play the opening notes to “Crystalline,” the crowd showed their support by singing along to the melodic chorus of “Make a move from city to city, but I can’t take it in ‘cause it’s all so pretty, love.”

The band’s live performance reinforces the notion that there’s never a dull moment during a Morning Teleportation song. There’s something special about the band’s ability to take its audience on a roller coaster ride, going from pianist Travis Goodwin, pounding on the keys, to Merritt playing a subtle and intricate guitar part in a matter of seconds.

The audience never seemed to lose interest as the band performed almost every song off their album, including “Eyes the Same,” where drummer Tres Coker’s beat (along with Merritt’s heart-warming vocals) led the audience in singing “And are our eyes the same? You know the air transforms you. We’re skipping through the haze. We make love in the morning.”

Whether the audience found contentment shouting “It’s all expanding every day anyway, so why is love so hard to say?” during the title track “Expanding Anyway,”or dancing along to the closing song, “Snow Frog vs. Motor Cobra,” the guys from Morning Teleportation certainly left a positive energy behind for their fellow Nashville audience on Friday night.

You can catch Morning Teleportation in Bowling Green this week with Canago and many more on Friday, April 20, at Circus Square Park for Mayhem 2012 Festival.

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