Kyle Andrews

Kyle Andrews

  • Article by: Erik Rocca
  • Posted: 08/16/2011

"We work, create art and communicate every day through some sort of computer device, some sort of robot. The album itself is a product of its theme.” -Kyle Andrews

Nashville-based Kyle Andrews released an infectious new album titled Robot Learn Love August 16. Incorporating a variety of different studio techniques including pairing lo-fi vocals with live string accompaniments, Robot Learn Love stands as a reflection of a complicated and bewildering digital age.

The album cannot be captured by one adjective or genre. It’s electro pop, it’s pop punk, it’s pop rock, it’s indie pop and it’s dance pop. It’s pop music with a sort of choose-your-own-genre modifier.

Lying at the heart of Andrews’ storm of synths, driving drum beats and climbing vocals are warmth and hope. It’s an irresistibly catchy record that distances Andrews from past criticism that described his songwriting as reflecting a “bedroom” aesthetic.

Robot Learn Love brings a wall of sound and complex sonic textures. Andrews describes his latest work as a type of “concept album,” and it listens that way as well.

The record is an experiment in universal catchiness that only draws parallels to the latest Phoenix release. It’s hermetically sealed, but only because Andrews has crafted his own sonic universe, one that incorporates the frustrations, heartbreak and angst that accompany being a young person in the age of social media.

“Can you make me feel human?/ Can you make me feel?” Andrews pleads on the album’s opening track, “Make Me Feel Human.” Despite the album’s repeated and obvious references to the digital realm, Andrews’ lyrics seem to play more with the concepts of flesh and blood and humanity.

There is a definite nowness to Robot Learn Love, and with highlights like “Bombs Away,” “I’m Coming 2 Get U” and “The Search for a Heart,” Kyle Andrews has crafted an album with a number of potential dance club or radio singles. It’s an exciting record that won’t let you go.

Download four free tracks from Kyle Andrews at

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