Kate Miller-Heidke's "Nightflight"

Kate Miller-Heidke's "Nightflight"

Australian opera singer and folk-pop singer-songwriter, Kate Miller-Heidke has returned from her harlequin hiatus with Nightflight, her first solo release since 2007. In Kate's traditional fashion, her voice is equally as delicate as it is powerful throughout the entirety of the album, drawing from her classically-trained soprano to add variety and depth to each phrase she sings.

Opening with "Ride This Feeling," the honest, personal tone of Nightflight's 11 tracks is properly  put into place. Lines like "I'm a drinker / I'm a wanderer / I'm a loner / Let me fade," give Heidke's most recent effort an all-around earnest quality. This is commonly found in the female singer/songwriter genre, but other comparable artists rarely come across as genuine and truthful as Miller-Heidke. 

Each song seems to unfold naturally and flows into the next in such an effortless fashion, like day transitioning into night, that listeners will find that Nightflight was a more-than-appropriate choice for the album title. Beyond flow, the production quality and eclectic style of each song, coupled with her powerful, almost-operatic voice is astounding. This is best demonstrated by the breathy trills of "Let Me Fade, while the dramatic "Sarah," and "Beautiful Darling" could be mistaken for Kate Bush/Peter Gabriel hits. 

By the time the seventh track, "Humiliation," creeps in with its soaring descants, the time for decision making has arrived. If you don't at least have a deep respect or an appreciation for this collection of songs, it's probably best to go to the doctor for an ear examination. One can only hope that this album will spawn the recognition of Miller-Heidke's all-encompassing voice, (especially by non-Aussies). Though Nightflight is slightly darker than her previous records, it is by far her strongest work yet. 

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