Feather & Belle's 'Pockets Run Deep'

Feather & Belle's 'Pockets Run Deep'

  • Article by: Matt Conner
  • Posted: 11/17/2011

Feather & Belle, the Nashville-based duo of Kelsey Kopecky and Laura Musten, evoke all the right comparisons to garner inevitable recommendations from those “in the know.” Their acknowledged influences include Feist and Regina Spektor and echoes are certainly found here. Fortunately, Pockets Run Deep is a listen worthy of such comparisons.

Kopecky’s name should be familiar to anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing the Kopecky Family Band, while Musten has toured recently with Owl City — among several others. Together, Feather & Belle craft imaginative, accessible pop that’s meant for larger placements and greater platforms.

“Walk in Gutters” is the most interesting piece on the album and conjures shades of Brooke Waggoner with its orchestral twists and turns. “Rings on Fingers” plaintively plods to an acoustic guitar, while “All Along” enjoys a playful synth-driven stroll. Taken together, they showcase the expansive sound present on Pockets.

The album’s highlight is “Hidden Staircase,” a synth-pop anthem with bleeps and blips in all the right places. Its triumphant sound works wonders in the mind, begging to be played again and again. By the time the affecting “Word Find” closes out, it’s clear Pockets Run Deep yields no weaknesses. 



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