Cuff the Duke's "Morning Comes"

Cuff the Duke's "Morning Comes"

  • Article by: Quinn Erwin
  • Posted: 04/18/2012

Ontario-based alt-country quartet Cuff the Duke return with their fifth full length project, Morning Comes.

Continuing to blend old 60’s and 70’s rock with a modern tinge of indie sensibilities, Cuff the Duke digs into loss and the changes that come with it. Ultimately though, Morning Comes has more to do with hope.

Relentlessly fantastic harmonies--reminiscent of The Allman Brothers--hold the journey together from track to track, while they dabble a bit in the Brit folk style of artists such as Travis. But it’s Dale Murray’s slide guitar and the use of raunchy keys that swing the pendulum back into old country territory.  Wayne Petti’s voice calms listeners down on tracks like “So Many Times Before,” and has them join in on the beer-raising rowdiness of tracks like “You Don’t Know What It’s Like” and “Count On Me.” 

“Count on Me” in particular showcases Cuff the Duke’s poetry with lines like, “When the water starts to expand and contract like a fish...then the loneliness of pressure inconceives...I won’t turn and walk can count on me.”  And surely we can count on them to get us singing as we slowly let loss slide off our shoulders.


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