Amos Lee Live At The Ryman

Amos Lee Live At The Ryman

  • Article by: Matt Dodson
  • Posted: 04/09/2011

Walk through the doors of the Ryman Auditorium and you’re sure to feel a certain energy, an electric charge surrounding you, as you pass relics of historic performances and memories of the many great artists who have awed fans from the venue’s legendary stage.

It’s a special place, and not everyone gets to experience it.

That unique experience was the theme for the night, The Secret Sisters opened for blue-eyed, bluesy soul singer Amos Lee. Laura and Lydia Rogers thanked the crowd for the opportunity, saying that playing a full set at the Ryman has long been one of their dreams.

The sisters wielded only an acoustic guitar and their sweet voices, but they quickly drew in the crowd as they rolled through their self-titled debut record. The song “Tennessee Me” glistened in the simple setting as the girls’ tight harmonies, clever and catchy hooks and traditionalist style brought to mind so much of the history of the venue.

Toward the end of their set, The Secret Sisters announced that this would be their last date on tour with Amos Lee, but before the curtain closed, they wanted to introduce a special guest: their father, who made the trip from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He had always dreamed of getting the chance to sing and play guitar on the Ryman stage, and it was a tender moment to see the family play together.

The charming night was a special one for Lee as well, as it was his first trip to the Ryman as the headline act, and he proved that the booking was a great move, selling out every seat and packing the standing-room-only spots as well.

His band was tight, playing bluesy jam versions of songs like “Night Train” and “Bottom of the Barrel.” Lee was stellar alone as well, especially on the deep and introspective “Black River.” My favorite was a song Lee rarely plays in concert, but one that seems especially fitting given the geography: “Southern Girl.”

He left the stage after his set to the tune of wild cheering and a rumbling caused by hundreds of fans drumming on the antique wooden pews. He soon had to make his way back to the stage for an encore performance that included his newest single, and a perfect close to the show, “Windows Are Rolled Down.”

Amos Lee - Windows Are Rolled Down (Live)

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