Allies For Everyone's "Scavengers" EP

Allies For Everyone's "Scavengers" EP

  • Article by: Justin Guinn
  • Posted: 07/10/2012

Synthy, lyrical house duo Allies For Everyone’s new EP, Scavengers, mixes spacey house beats with focused, direct lyrics for a sustaining trance that keeps the head bobbing and body grooving.

Making the music are DJ Brian Suarez and Arvin Ajamian, by means of Kid Recordings. The project originated as a solo gig for Suarez, but after deciding he wanted to transfer everything he created in his studio to a live setting, he chose to bring in Ajamian. 

“The EP is a collection of personal experiences opened up so that everyone can relate to them,” says the duo.

And Scavengers is relatable indeed. The lucid Deep House emits an engaging need to move, while the lyrics flow wise and mysterious, commanding attention and conjuring a personal engagement with the listener. The first track, “Supernatural,” seemingly exists in another dimension. And with lyrics like, “Watching for the sunbeams, letting them be our guide / And we’ll follow it, into a wooded shrine,” the song beckons listeners to leap into this alternate world. The song’s synths and bottom bass carry it through, picking up the lyrical voids when necessary.

The title track sees the beats pick up and a heavier focus on the lower end, with electro phasers lasering throughout.  The lyrics fittingly address a scavenger, accusing him of, “Making an enemy of everyone you know, of who you long to be.” The grim message in the lyrics oddly works off of the soothing backing house sound, which gets rather deep for this track. The end result is mesmerizing synths while delivering an uppercut with a less-than-delightful story of how not to act.

“Move When I Run” kicks off with nearly a minute dedicated to some funkier sounds before getting into the lyrics. Similar to Benoit & Sergio, this track features a trancey backing vocal that ties it all together.

The final song on the EP, “Say No More,” has a lovely build up going into a drop just after the minute mark. The synths come alive for this last track, similar to the message in the lyrics: “Say no more to me, I know just what you mean / I’m giving in, say no more to me / Listen to me breathe, I’m feeling it.” 

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