Apache Dropout's "Bubblegum Graveyard"

Apache Dropout's "Bubblegum Graveyard"

  • Article by: Seth Graves
  • Posted: 08/06/2012

Who exactly do we have to thank for the onslaught of garage-rock revivalists these past few years? Those coveted Nuggets compilations have been in print for decades now and Jack White has made a lot of bank turning the product of its converts into boutique novelties, but there’s something stronger at play here. I can’t contemplate this all day, because I do have a record to review, so the slow and steady legalization of cannabis is the best I can come up with to thank for the endless neo-psychedelic stream of vinyl releases flooding record stores as of late.

Indiana’s Apache Dropout have some noticeable strides since their debut – a muddy amalgamation of classic pop ‘n’ roll peppered with fuzzy bursts of decorative feedback. The title of their latest album, Bubblegum Graveyard (8/7/12, Trouble In Mind) is a pretty damn accurate review in and of itself, slapped right on the cover. Not only has the band evolved considerably in the realm of sonic clarity, they’ve traded their rollocking rhythmic chug for a more fractured garage stomp that tramps into the deep ends of both garage pop and campy, lysergic bliss. The “bubblegum” here is by all means literal, keeping the hooks catchy and the lyrics free of anything that might harsh one’s mellow.

Kids today aren’t so fond of a journey to the center of the mind as just getting high, chilling out, and writing songs about how high and chill they are. Couple that with a left turn into a hallucinogenic cemetery, colonized by the psychedelic ghosts and acid-casualties of yore and you’ve got a light and loopy, druggy expedition of modern suburban stoner porn.

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