Le.Minimalist: Songstress Style - Grimes

Le.Minimalist: Songstress Style - Grimes


It might be too forward a statement, but when I hear the word grime, I've got to admit that the first thing that comes to mind isn't by any extension musical.

I think of the dirt under fingernails or the white film in the shower that just won't go away, regardless of my repeated efforts to scrub it into oblivion.


All awkward word association aside though, Claire Boucher aka Grimes - the 24 year old grunge-pop songstress - has been flying high on the radar as of late, despite the eyebrow-raising name. Maybe my earlier lament on shower residue was more appropriate; this doe-eyed pixie has found her place among the best with her beat-infused electro-pop and I have quite the feeling - (much like my shower residue) - that she won't be easily removed.


Some people are just inadvertently stylish, never following trends but creating them. Although Grimes clearly enjoys fashion as an art form, she's very outspoken with her lack of concern for labels and would rather make purchases based on her own personal tastes, which appear to vary. You can tell she's not a slave to the industry like some of her popular counterparts.



Grimes' fashion influences do have certain leanings though; a mix of early nineties grunge and teen dream queen. It's an unlikely pairing, but she makes it work, employing bright hair colors, bindis, fingerless gloves and thick, black eyeliner in her fashion arsenal for maximum bad-assery.


She was even fortunate enough to snag a spot with YSL's Hedi Slimane for Dazed Magazine recently released an intoxicatingly refreshing cover featuring a jewelry-laden *(holy nose rings, Batman)* Grimes, styled in both Givenchy and Alexander McQueen. Even for someone who doesn’t like labels, that's a big deal. And that’s because Grimes is a big deal. She’s getting comfortable at the top and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing her there for quite some time. Green hair and all.

Image credit: 1. Album art from Visions 2. W Magazine 3. Max Abadian 4. Samuel John Butt 5. Tommy Chase Lucas 6. Unsure 7. Dazed Magazine

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