Katie Herzig's New "Lost and Found" Music Video

Katie Herzig's New "Lost and Found" Music Video

Nashville, Tenn.-based singer/songwriter Katie Herzig has released one feel-good song after another since the start of her career, and many of these songs have made it into placements with hit TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Cougar Town and Pretty Little Liars. When she isn't recording, she's touring with notable artists such as The Fray and Brandi Carlile, but most recently, she released her latest music video for "Lost and Found."

Directed by Becky Fluke and filmed in Franklin, TN, Herzig offers some of her thoughts on the story and emotions behind the video:

"We filmed this in two days in February of 2012...on my friend's family's land -- incredibly beautiful land, and the weather was perfectly cloudy. It was very tricky because the climax of the video happened when it was dark but not too dark.

That's why we gave ourselves two days in case we didn't get it right in that tiny window the first day. It was a long brainstorming process, thinking of how to make a video for a song that meant something to me personally but had a very mysterious and universal theme. That had such an epic feel, but I didn't have an epic budget. I was very cautious not to put a specific face to what I was singing about. I wanted the mystery to remain and the viewer to have their own interpretation of it.


To me the song felt like the woods, so that's where we started. The idea of the sheets came [with] time and then getting a specific idea of how to use them came next. For as simple as it ended up being, it was a very long process of finding the right way to tell the story. This song is about being stuck somewhere between loved and lost in the aftermath of being separated from that love...someone that has left you behind but is still essentially there, but not physically there. So the video is essentially a story about trying to desperately connect with that which you've lost.

I had a very emotional experience filming the scene with me holding the lantern up to the light behind the sheet. It felt like I was connecting with who I was singing about. I'll never forget how beautiful that felt. [It] gave me chills and tears."


Katie Herzig - "Lost and Found"

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