A New Way to Get Involved

One of the reasons people love and support Brite is our commitment to passionate and meaningful causes.

When you join Brite, we ask you to choose a specific cause to support. We’ve got a great variety and are confident you’ll find one that truly resonates with you. If you can’t decide, no worries, we can choose one for you and you can always change it later. Often times, fans choose to support the causes that their favorite artist support. We like to summarize Brite as a platform where fans support artists who support causes. It’s pretty simple, right?

We made a choice early on: Any success we have will be shared with others. To date, we’ve defined our success by our ability to bring thousands of fans to the platform and introduce them to great artists and really meaningful causes. We’ve been able to activate an army of volunteers and social advocates for our cause partners and moving forward, we’ll be implementing new and innovative ways to allow supporters to contribute financially.

Find a cause that’s meaningful to you to find out how YOU can get involved and make a difference.