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Poverty IS real, people

Music. It’s a powerful thing.

That’s something we here at Brite firmly attest to, and that’s why we’re thrilled to be sponsoring two Poverty is Real charity shows in our hometown of Nashville on Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1, 2012.

What is Poverty is Real, you ask? Quite simply, this non-profit organizes and puts on rockin’ concerts, with all proceeds going to organizations in the community which fight poverty and homelessness. That, my friends, sounds like a grand idea. PIR has coordinated four concerts and donated nearly $30,000 to local organizations fighting poverty in Athens, Ga., Decatur, Ga., and Asheville, N.C.

Music with a message

You’d think all of this awesomeness – I mean… $30,000… that’s a lot, if I do say so myself – must have occurred over a span of many months. However, the organization is fairly new. It has only been putting on shows and fundraising since last June. HOLY MOLY, that’s a lot of goodness in such a short amount of time.

The Bluebird Café will host two shows on November 30 featuring Peter Cooper, Eric Brace, Kate Campbell, and Kevin Gordon (early show) and Will Kimbrough, Hannah Miller, Jesse Lafser, and Brigitte DeMeyer (late show). The early show is $12 and will begin at 6:30. The late show is $15 and will start at 9:30. Tickets are available on November 26 at

The Saturday night Exit/In show will feature Wild Cub, Vinyl Thief, Foreign Fields, Casa Castile, Afterlife Parade, and DJ Donny Rest. The show is 18+ and costs $5. Tickets are available at

You may see some familiar names on the above artist lists: ahem, our very own Brite artists Hannah Miller, Jesse Lafser, Wild Cub, Vinyl Thief, and Afterlife Parade. We love our Brite artists, and now we love them even more for contributing their talents to such a great cause.

Proceeds from the shows will benefit Open Table Nashville, a local nonprofit which offers various programs designed to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness in America. Open Table’s programs include community and transitional housing, alternative staffing, and community and educational outreach. Great music, an even greater cause. It’s a win-win situation. We’ll see you there!

- Ally Willis, Brite Intern Extraordinaire

Follow Ally on Twitter: @AllisonW16


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You Say You Wanna Revolution?

Today is a big day for us. As you can see by our fancy press release, we officially announced that YOU (that’s right, you) can now create your own profile on Brite Revolution to share and sell your music. Why the big change, you ask?  Good question.

We at Brite Revolution curate music because there is so much out there. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And to be quite frank, we’re tired of hearing about “the new music business”.  It isn’t new.  It’s now. But the first step is discovery…and if you’re an artist, how do you get your music discovered?


We decided to not just present artists a platform to share their music with discerning music fans, but to give the artist the reins. Now any artist can create their own unique Artist OneSheet on Brite- an “at-a-glance” overview of each artist which consists of photos, videos, social network information, and a brief bio, along with an embeddable, commerce-enabled music player that allows fans to stream, download and purchase music.

When you create and upload music on to, and our staff has a look and a listen. We choose music from the Artist One Sheets to feature in our editorial features, free music samplers, newsletters, and custom video and social content.

Boom. Discovered. You make some fans and they have a place to buy your music. No set-up fee, no subscription fee. And here’s an even bigger upside: you get to keep more of your money. You set the price, and you keep 85% of the dough.  Oh, and that’s including credit card transaction fees. We seriously think it’s one of the best deals out there to promote and sell your music.

It’s all you.  Our platform is now open to music content owners to create a slick profile to share and sell your music and have it discovered by our subscribers.

So, sign up, make your profile and be discovered.  Have questions? Contact us.


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The Big Announcement

                                                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact: Katy Kirby     

Phone: 615-829-8305





Brite Revolution opens the door to independent music artists to share and sell digital music online

Nashville, TN–August 8, 2012– Brite Revolution, LLC, (Brite) announces the integration and launch of e-commerce to its existing music discovery and curation website. Since 2008, Brite has offered free music to subscribers, along with high quality music editorial and exclusive video content.  With the addition of e-commerce, Brite now stands as a multi-tiered marketing tool for independent artists around the world to acquire and build a meaningful fan base and generate revenue.

Artists can now create their own unique Artist OneSheet by signing up at The Brite Artist OneSheet is an “at-a-glance” overview of each artist, consisting of photos, videos, social network information, and a brief bio, along with an embeddable, commerce-enabled music player that allows fans to stream, download, and purchase music. It is free to create a OneSheet on Brite Revolution; artists give two songs away for free, and can set their own price for everything else. There are no monthly fees or subscription fees for artists using Brite. With Brite covering credit card transaction fees, artists who sell music on Brite keep a full 85% of their revenue, making Brite one of the best revenue shares in the digital music marketplace to date. Brite’s editorial features, free music samplers, and custom video and social content all draw upon Artist OneSheets.

“With iTunes alone holding more than 28 million songs, our current digital music marketplace is saturated with music content,” said Winn Elliott, CEO and Founder of Brite Revolution. “We quickly realized that there is a clear connection between our successful discovery and curation site and putting money directly in the artists’ pocket.”

The public release of e-commerce is part of a continuous feature roll-out to enhance both the artist and fan experience on Brite Revolution. In May of this year, Brite released site-wide upgrades, including redesign of the artist profile pages and the integration of Facebook Connect, allowing seamless sharing of Brite Revolution music and editorial content to the largest and most popular social sharing network.

“The value of a true music fan to an artist is immeasurable,” added Elliott. “The social social sharing and analytics provided by Brite help an artist cultivate meaningful and sustainable relationships with fans. Our commitment is to continue to build products that make the music business easier for artists to navigate.”

About Brite Revolution

Founded in 2008, Brite Revolution is an online music discovery and curation website cultivating high quality editorial coverage and music from the best independent artists in all genres. Brite Revolution integrates the artist e-commerce and fan development tool, giving artists a turn-key platform to share and sell digital music online, acquire a fan base, and collect meaningful data.  For more information about Brite Revolution, visit:


 Download this press release here.




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CMA Fest vs. Bonnaroo

This week marks an incredible time for all Nashvillians; a juggernaut of music and of movement, if you will. While a great number of us natives will be fleeing the cityscape for the Manchester countryside, the rest of us will be navigating through the influx of country music fans downtown. It’s CMA Fest vs. Bonnaroo!

Guess where I will be?

While the rest of the team lugs their camping gear across fields and gravel roads to the south, I will be here at our HQ in Nashville lugging my car around while simultaneously trying to dodge wandering country music fanatics.  Luckily, the team at Nashvillest have made it worth my while. Every year, Nashvillest puts together an awesome CMA Fest Bingo card and they just released the 2012 edition yesterday.

My CMA Bingo Card

I’ll be using my texting hand to fill it in all week as I speed past lost tourists in my car.  I can’t wait to roll down my window and scream out “BINGO” in the middle of our illustrious honky-tonk haven on Broadway.  I’ll fit right in!

Our friends over at Nashville Cream put together an equally great Bonnaroo Bingo card ****last year which stands the test of time, especially since Aziz Ansari will be there again. I’ll be sneaking this into our editors’ backpack:

I already give out free hugs. Check.

No matter where you are this weekend, be sure to listen to some good music!  If you’re at a loss, we’ve got a mix just for you in honor of Bonnaroo.  As always, it’s FREE.  As we like to say, free music- what’s not to love?

****6/8/12 RANDOM UPDATE: There’s an updated Bonnaroo Bingo Card.  Yay!


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