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Five for Friday: All Over the Place

Hi, Kids.  Do you ever have one of those weeks where you have to switch gears every five minutes? The weeks when you forget the coffee that you placed on the top of your car as you speed off to work or have no clean laundry so you have to wear a church dress on Friday?  (Not saying that’s me or anything…asking for a friend.)

Boy, have I been all over the place this week, both in life and in music. I needed upbeat music in the car to get me to and fro, something downbeat for relaxing at home, something charming and inspirational for getting ready to go to an event.  Luckily, I work for a music discovery and curation site. It’s part of my job to listen to new music. In other words, no matter what I was running around doing this week, I had it all covered.

Here’s a smattering of what’s been on the dial (oh, who am I kidding. I mean the iPhone).  I’d like to dedicate this week’s blog post to Sugar the Chicken, who lives part-time with Le Minimalist and part-time in the South of France. Here’s her take on Sugar’s special “skills”:

“She actually jumped up on the couch once, made a nest out of blankets and laid an egg right next to me. It was hilarious/awesome/gross.” – Le Minimalist Lady/Sugar’s Mom

Sugar the Chicken

Kitten “Cut It Out”

For general motivation

Elizabeth & the Catapult “Go Away My Lover”

For singing (alone) at top volume in the car

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons “I’ve Been Accused”

For getting sentimental after talking to an old flame

Daydream Vacation “Dare Seize the Fire”

For forgetting that I am not fourteen on my way to a rave, so I should probably change my outfit

Black Books “The Big Idea”

For the glass of wine I will have when I get home from this hectic work week


Why have things been so hectic? You just sit tight. We’re making a big announcement next week that shall reveal the product of months of blood, sweat, and tears.  Meanwhile, here is my mix on Spotify: Five for Friday- All Over the Place

If you want more free music, you know where to go.



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Five for Friday: Stuff Connor Forces Me To Listen To

Hi, Kids.  I’ve been threatening to do this for a while…well, as long as I have been working here at Brite. Nary a day goes by that our faithful artist relations dude Connor Carroll cruises into the office, headphones a blazin’, spouting “HAVE YOU HEARD THIS?” Since I largely live under a rock pile of data points and excel spreadsheets, chances are I have not. I guess that’s kinda his job.

Also, it goes against everything in my being to have the title of this week’s mix end with a preposition. I simply cannot help myself this time around.

A recent photo of Connor

Ancient Mariner “Acedia”

From the Denver area music scene comes Gabriel, aka Ancient Mariner. A little emotional, a little complex…it’s got an early Belle and Sebastian  meets Sufjan Stevens quality that I like.

The Eastern Sea “A Lie”

I was slightly familiar with The Eastern Sea via my friend Laurie Gallardo at KUT Austin. I did not actually listen to them until they shared their music with us, and I am very glad that I finally made the leap.

They have also slept on Connor’s floor.

American Tomahawk “Our Song Knife” and “Las Vegas”

“I just love the American Tomahawk album.”- Connor Carroll.  Yeah, well, now I do too.  I hope you’re happy!  This is how communism spreads.

Nils Frahm “Said and done”

When all is said and done, I love the piano. Still a little confused about the “hot cookie” quote, Nils.


Connor has also forced Active Child and Sucre down my throat, and I have to admit that I am very grateful for it. After all, we should all listen to our A/R peeps at least once a month.  As per the usual, you can find my little mix on Spotify: Five For Friday- Stuff Connor Forces Me To Listen To.  If that’s not enough for you…we have so many other new artists on Brite, you could spend the rest of your weekend avoiding that yard work listening to cool music.  (Now, THAT sounds like a great idea!)


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Five for Forecastle

Hi, Kids.  Ah, the road trip.  The pedal to the metal, the dirty rest stops, the smoking cigarettes with all the windows rolled up.  We’re lucky here at Brite because one of the best outdoor music festivals of this summer, The Forecastle Festival, happens to be a proverbial road trip away.  What a treat!  Unless, of course, it is supposed to rain all weekend.  (Have fun, Connor and Erin!)

Here is my Forecastle themed Five for Friday, completed from my warm and dry office dangerously close to Music Row.  Take note: this may be your partial “Best of 2012” list.  The Forecastle Festival has an amazing headline roster this year: My Morning Jacket, Andrew Bird, Neko Case, Wilco….and many an artist that are near and dear to our hearts.

No umbrellas allowed

Bassnectar “Upside Down”

This is about my only parlay into the world of dubstep. In related news, I think that all sirens should be banned in songs. This is the kind of stuff that leads to panicked breaking in the car.

Beach House “Wild”

Hands down, Beach House’s album “Bloom” is one of my favorite albums of 2012 (so far.)  Even the meanies at Pitchfork gave it a good review (a whopping 9.1 on the musical Richter scale).

Real Estate “Exactly Nothing”

Real Estate, you had me at “It’s Real”.  It’s The Smiths and The Stone Roses, dashed with Kings of Convenience and some other band that escapes me at the moment. Also gets many a bear hug from Pitchfork.

Ben Sollee “The Globe”

There is a music scene in Kentucky, and we intend on sniffing it out. Ben is an amazing talent, and I do hope he’s sitting in with My Morning Jacket the day before his solo performance.  I would use the term “killer” for that set, if it weren’t for the fact that I hate that term.

Abigail Washburn “City of Refuge”

Do you like how I took you straight into roots music territory?  You will thank me later.  We did a little write-up about Abigail’s performance with Kai Welch a few months ago, and they will be recreating their stellar musical duo at this year’s Forecastle.

Here is the complete playlist on Spotify:  Five for Friday: Forecastle ’12.  Unsatisfied and thirsting for more music?  We happen to have hundreds of artists at your fingertips who want to share their music with you for free.  It’s just a click, not a road trip, away.


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Five for Friday: That’s My Jam

Hi, Kids. What a weird week. For us Americans, there was a holiday in the middle of the week. In no way am I knocking America’s birthday or getting a day off, but the universal sentiment for those of us with only the 4th off from our jobs was that of general confusion. The 4th felt like a misplaced Sunday. Was yesterday Monday? Is today Saturday? Where am I? Who am I? And for those of you who got the week off…boo.

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

That’s my jam.  A phrase uttered by many a sorority girl after her sixth keg stand. Let’s face it, we all have those songs that make us groove uncontrollably in public. Here are a bunch of songs that upon hearing, and without much prompting, I can easily stand on a barstool and proclaim with pointed finger “THAT’S MY JAM!” I’ll be listening to these on my real Saturday (which is hopefully tomorrow.)

Big Freedia “Booty-Whop”

Sigh. Big Freedia really deserves her own blog post. That will come later. I dare you to not get up and shake your thing when you hear the Queen Diva of Bounce lay it down. Oh, and there is this…

Bright Light Bright Light “A New Word To Say”

I haven’t thought of a new word to say in so long. Heck, me neither. I like the Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” aspect of this song.

Active Child “Hanging On”

I am forced now to give credit to our Artist Relations Manager, Connor Carroll, for introducing me to Active Child.  I continue to torture everyone in the office on an almost daily basis by playing this on repeat every morning.

Active Child “Playing House”

I told you I like him.

Fink “ Make It Good”

Fink had me at “Pretty Little Thing”.  This is a little more aggressive “jam”, if you will.  Tricky meets Massive Attack, with a hug from Corinne Bailey Rae.


Here is the complete playlist on Spotify.  Not satisfied with just having these jams? You can find more great music right here on Brite Revolution.


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Phoenix Mendoza Covers “Something Like Olivia”

I’m not going to lie to you. The latest John Mayer album, Born and Raised, is on constant rotation here in the office.  It’s truly his best work, and we can’t get enough of it.

So, wouldn’t it be complete kismet to come across one of our favorite Brite Revolution artists doing a killer cover of one of his new songs?  I think it is.

Here is Phoenix Mendoza covering John Mayer’s “Something Like Olivia”:

You can listen to and download (for FREE!) more soulful musings from Phoenix Mendoza here on Brite.


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Five for Friday: I’m Gonna Ride That Feeling Too

Hi, Kids. This week, we’re going to talk about feelings.  You know, those pesky little buggers that we try to swallow and keep deep inside?  So, in honor of Kate Miller-Heidke’s new single “Ride This Feeling”, I am going to ride this feeling all the way to the end of this blog post.

Kate Miller-Heidke “Ride This Feeling”

Kate’s been a Brite artist for a while and we got our grubby little hands on this new single and included it in our sampler this week.  EXCLUSIVE! Marketing people love that stuff, don’t you know.
“Ride This Feeling”- Sometimes you don’t know quite what is going on, but you gotta let it ride.  I get it, Kate. (Also, I call her Kate “complicated last name” in the office.)

I’m always afraid she’s going to fall in

Tristen “Eager For Your Love”

Tristen is from Nashville, where we breed only the finest, organic, handmade, grass-fed musicians.  Heck, I have probably driven past Tristen several hundred times on my way to the 5 Spot.

“Tame that nasty shrew!”  Yes, let’s make someone so desperate and hungry that she goes insane.  That’s love for ya.

David Gray “We Could Fall in Love Again”

I have loved David Gray’s music forever and a day.  He writes the most fantastic love songs.  I do have to admit that, up until today, I thought he was Irish.  I guess I need to pay more attention.

A Silent Film “ You Will Leave A Mark”

This song make me dance in my chair at work. (Embarrassing!)

A Silent Film is a newer bright artist, and when I heard them I immediately thought “that is something I would name my band” since I went to film school. I then called my lawyers and they informed me that a random afterthought is, in fact, not considered viable intellectual property in order sue someone.

Brandi Carlile- “Bend Before It Breaks”

This is not only one of my favorite Brandi songs, it may be in my top 100 favorite songs of all time.  It’s a testimony to growing up and not letting everyone break your heart.  “Let it bend before it breaks.” We also happen to have an incredible interview with her that we just put up on the site.  You should read it right now while listening to my mix!


As per usual, I have made a little Spotify playlist for you all to take you through the weekend:  Five for Friday- I’m Gonna Ride That Feeling Too.  You can check out all these artists right here on Brite Revolution.  Heck, you can even download some of their songs for FREE.  How cool is that?


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Five for Friday: A Long Time Coming

Here are my five picks for this week. These suckers have been brewing for some time, hence the title.  As usual, I’ve got a few things to say about each:

Sucre “When We Were Young”

I am going to lay down the gauntlet concerning Sucre and say that are going to be the next big thing.  Stacy King’s voice is incredible, and the powerhouse of an Eisley + MuteMath combo equals brilliance.

Pearl and the Beard “Sweetness”

I feel like I could hang out with you guys

I dig these guys because they are fun-loving, from Brooklyn, and they tweeted back at me.  That’s really all I need. Just a tweet.

Butterfly Boucher “5678!”

Butterfly Boucher falls under the “something is wrong with the universe because she’s not wildly famous” category.  (Not wildly famous YET.)  Butterfly and Mindy Smith were they only non-country artists I heard before I moved to Nashville.  And that was enough to convince me that there was something great going on in this fair city.

Washed Out “Eyes Be Closed”

I am pretty sure I wore this entire album out last summer.  It has an ethereal M83 and Royksopp quality to it.

Mountain Man “Soft Skin”

I saw them open for Feist at the mother church and was floored.  Standing ovation, and, dare I say, almost upstaged the main act.  If delicious harmony is what suits you, then Mountain Man is for you.

As always, here is the complete set for your Spotify pleasure: Five for Friday- A Long Time Coming.  If that’s not good enough for you (sheesh!) we also have a brand new 10 song mix for your listening pleasure.


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Five for Friday: Bonnaroo ’12

(Although this blog title reminds me of “Five for Fighting”, I’m going to go ahead and stick with it.)

I am “the marketing girl” and, boy, do I have opinions on music. So, luckily for me, I can blog about my favorite music every week.  NO ONE CAN STOP ME!  These are truly my personal faves. In other words, a weekly completely biased selection of tunes from our Brite artists.

Here are my five for this week, and since my debut falls on the weekend of Bonnaroo, that is my theme.  All of these cats are playing in the middle of a field in Tennessee in July.  What a great idea!

You will not find me here.

Fitz and the Tantrums “MoneyGrabber”

Fitz and the Tantrums is just one of those bands that gives me hope in modern music. Maybe that’s because it doesn’t sound modern. I call it “throwback” music, throwing back to when we wore clothes that our mother sewed for us and could walk to school without worrying about being kidnapped and what not. They are also very much a killer working band with an amazing live show.

The Avett Brothers “The Perfect Space”

Whenever I clean my house, I always think of The Avett Brothers.  I bought the album I and Love and You because they were on the road with a friend of mine and Amazon had it on special. God’s truth. Then I let it sit in my iTunes forever without a spin. One day, I embarked on my once a year house cleaning venture and decided to finally give them a listen. Boy, did I feel dumb. A buried treasure in my midst.  I’ve been a fan ever since.

Katie Herzig “Free My Mind”

This is one my my favorite catchy pop tunes as of late. She’s also here in Nashville, where we are traditionally home to the most talented people on the planet. But, I may be a little biased. I remember her from the Ten Out of Tenn documentary where I do recall she was one of the less crazy ones. But I may need to rewatch the movie.

Delta Spirit “California”
Some dude tried to pull this crap on me once. Replace “California” with “New York.”

Big Freedia “Booty-Whop”

Let’s get one thing straight: I LOVE BIG FREEDIA. He/she is not a Brite Artist yet, but, mark my words, after this weekend…

However, there is this.

Here is the entire 5 playlist on Spotify: Five for Friday- Bonnaroo ’12  Be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook for live updates from the festival, as well as summary features and interviews on our site all weekend.  Happy Bonnaroo-ing to you all!


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CMA Fest vs. Bonnaroo

This week marks an incredible time for all Nashvillians; a juggernaut of music and of movement, if you will. While a great number of us natives will be fleeing the cityscape for the Manchester countryside, the rest of us will be navigating through the influx of country music fans downtown. It’s CMA Fest vs. Bonnaroo!

Guess where I will be?

While the rest of the team lugs their camping gear across fields and gravel roads to the south, I will be here at our HQ in Nashville lugging my car around while simultaneously trying to dodge wandering country music fanatics.  Luckily, the team at Nashvillest have made it worth my while. Every year, Nashvillest puts together an awesome CMA Fest Bingo card and they just released the 2012 edition yesterday.

My CMA Bingo Card

I’ll be using my texting hand to fill it in all week as I speed past lost tourists in my car.  I can’t wait to roll down my window and scream out “BINGO” in the middle of our illustrious honky-tonk haven on Broadway.  I’ll fit right in!

Our friends over at Nashville Cream put together an equally great Bonnaroo Bingo card ****last year which stands the test of time, especially since Aziz Ansari will be there again. I’ll be sneaking this into our editors’ backpack:

I already give out free hugs. Check.

No matter where you are this weekend, be sure to listen to some good music!  If you’re at a loss, we’ve got a mix just for you in honor of Bonnaroo.  As always, it’s FREE.  As we like to say, free music- what’s not to love?

****6/8/12 RANDOM UPDATE: There’s an updated Bonnaroo Bingo Card.  Yay!


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