Five for Friday: We Are the Champions

Buh bye Olympics

Hi, Kids.  I don’t know about you, but we are obsessed with the Olympics. That’s why we made last week’s sampler cover a snappy pic of the Palace of Westminster.  We just can’t get enough of swimming, gymnastics, and track. It’s sad to think it will all be coming to an end this weekend. Big Olympic related topics of discussion in the office:

- The unintentional comedy surrounding the entire Opening Ceremony
- Ryan Lochte’s grill
- The whole weird Badminton thing
- Synchronized ANYTHING: so cool, so difficult
- Ricky Berens and his fashion forward swimsuit

(Of course, McKayla is not impressed with this list.)

We’ve been so distracted by Olympic madness that the below songs have nothing to do with the Olympics at all. What they do have in common is that they are all new to Brite. Here is your Olympic zombie/new to Brite Spotify playlist. Golf clap to everyone who has joined the Brite family this week, including all of the artists that have created profiles through and our new Creative Director, Nick Sigler.

Our new Facebook cover image designed by Nick

Nick is very talented, as you can see from his website and blog.  He also does fancy infographics that you sometime see on Mashable and kills my Pinterest domination.  I’ve been p0wned.

Cheynne Marie Mize “Wishing Well”
The Technicolors “Carousel”
Strand of Oaks “Maureen’s”
Sweet Valley “Total Carnage”
Gold Motel “Musicians”

Here is your list on Spotify playlist: Five for Friday- We Are the Champions.  Have a fabulous weekend!  We’ll be eating corn chips while glued to the couch like zombies watching the super human species we like to call Olympians. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (of the couch)!


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