Five for Friday: Stuff Connor Forces Me To Listen To

Hi, Kids.  I’ve been threatening to do this for a while…well, as long as I have been working here at Brite. Nary a day goes by that our faithful artist relations dude Connor Carroll cruises into the office, headphones a blazin’, spouting “HAVE YOU HEARD THIS?” Since I largely live under a rock pile of data points and excel spreadsheets, chances are I have not. I guess that’s kinda his job.

Also, it goes against everything in my being to have the title of this week’s mix end with a preposition. I simply cannot help myself this time around.

A recent photo of Connor

Ancient Mariner “Acedia”

From the Denver area music scene comes Gabriel, aka Ancient Mariner. A little emotional, a little complex…it’s got an early Belle and Sebastian  meets Sufjan Stevens quality that I like.

The Eastern Sea “A Lie”

I was slightly familiar with The Eastern Sea via my friend Laurie Gallardo at KUT Austin. I did not actually listen to them until they shared their music with us, and I am very glad that I finally made the leap.

They have also slept on Connor’s floor.

American Tomahawk “Our Song Knife” and “Las Vegas”

“I just love the American Tomahawk album.”- Connor Carroll.  Yeah, well, now I do too.  I hope you’re happy!  This is how communism spreads.

Nils Frahm “Said and done”

When all is said and done, I love the piano. Still a little confused about the “hot cookie” quote, Nils.


Connor has also forced Active Child and Sucre down my throat, and I have to admit that I am very grateful for it. After all, we should all listen to our A/R peeps at least once a month.  As per the usual, you can find my little mix on Spotify: Five For Friday- Stuff Connor Forces Me To Listen To.  If that’s not enough for you…we have so many other new artists on Brite, you could spend the rest of your weekend avoiding that yard work listening to cool music.  (Now, THAT sounds like a great idea!)


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