Five for Friday: A Long Time Coming

Here are my five picks for this week. These suckers have been brewing for some time, hence the title.  As usual, I’ve got a few things to say about each:

Sucre “When We Were Young”

I am going to lay down the gauntlet concerning Sucre and say that are going to be the next big thing.  Stacy King’s voice is incredible, and the powerhouse of an Eisley + MuteMath combo equals brilliance.

Pearl and the Beard “Sweetness”

I feel like I could hang out with you guys

I dig these guys because they are fun-loving, from Brooklyn, and they tweeted back at me.  That’s really all I need. Just a tweet.

Butterfly Boucher “5678!”

Butterfly Boucher falls under the “something is wrong with the universe because she’s not wildly famous” category.  (Not wildly famous YET.)  Butterfly and Mindy Smith were they only non-country artists I heard before I moved to Nashville.  And that was enough to convince me that there was something great going on in this fair city.

Washed Out “Eyes Be Closed”

I am pretty sure I wore this entire album out last summer.  It has an ethereal M83 and Royksopp quality to it.

Mountain Man “Soft Skin”

I saw them open for Feist at the mother church and was floored.  Standing ovation, and, dare I say, almost upstaged the main act.  If delicious harmony is what suits you, then Mountain Man is for you.

As always, here is the complete set for your Spotify pleasure: Five for Friday- A Long Time Coming.  If that’s not good enough for you (sheesh!) we also have a brand new 10 song mix for your listening pleasure.


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