Help Us Welcome Leagues To Brite!

Help us welcome this incredible band to the Brite family! Visit our artist page for free downloads. While you are there feel free to check out all of the other wonderful and wonderfully free music we have for your enjoyment. Welcome to the family Leagues!

Björk “Trusting Pirates” To Do Her Dirty Work

Björk has admitted that she trusts Internet pirates to make her new app “Biophilia” compatible on all cellphone operating systems. Currently the new app will only be made available to users of Apple touchscreen devices, but the programmers purposefully created the cell phone application to be compatible on multiple systems. So if everything goes Björk’s way, pirated versions of the app will be available to users of all touchscreen devices. Full story here, with a video about the app below.
What do you think about artists working together with pirates to achieve their goals? Feel free to put your thoughts in a comment!

Maroon 5 Frontman Producing New Sitcom

Adam Levine is diving deeper into the world of television. Everyone loved the multi-talented frontman for his work on “The Voice,” and now fans of Levine’s affinity for television programming will get an even bigger dose of his essence. Not much is known about the new sitcom. There are no set release dates and the show isn’t even named yet. What we do know is that it will air on NBC, Jake Kasden of Bad Teacher will direct, and that it is about a karaoke bar. Sounds fun, right?! Full story here.

New Venue Opening in Nashville

With the death of the French Quarter in East Nahville this last week, many music lovers are wondering if new venues for live music will pop up in our beloved city. Look no further Nashville! A new mid-sized venue is on the way. Check out the image gallery on their site! Our friends at Lightning 100 are hosting a competition to name the new space.