Brite Revolution | More than music discovery

Every day, tens of thousands of songs are written, recorded, and shared throughout the world. We sort through all the noise to bring you a curated selection of music worth discovering.

Fans: Here's How it Works

We’ve made it easier than ever to discover music from artists you already love and thousands of artists you’ll want to get to know.


Our radio service is a continuous stream of the best new music, chosen by our expert curators. This platform helps you find awesome music from yet-to-be-discovered artists, as well as those you may already know and love. We want to give fans access to new music that matters. Brite FM makes it easy.


Our original sessions are exclusive, live-in-studio performances that give listeners a closer look at the best of Brite’s artist roster. These intimate performances are handpicked for your viewing pleasure! Both Brite.FM and Brite.TV are available via our mobile app for iOS and Android devices!

Artist Pages

If you found something you like on Brite.TV or Brite.FM, you can visit our ‘Artists Pages’ on Brite to hear more from that artist. These beautifully designed, easy-to-use profiles let you easily explore quality content and download more great music from all of our artists. And, don’t forget to share what you’ve found with your friends!

Artists: Our community wants to hear your music!

Any artist can share, sell, or stream their music using Brite. All you need to do is visit to create a FREE artist profile. There are no hidden costs, no up-front fees, and no monthly subscription costs. We only keep 15% of what you sell, and we even pay the transaction fees. In other words, you will get a true 85% of all sales made from your Brite profile.

Additionally, creating a profile puts you first in line to be featured on our homepage spotlights, staff picks, newsletters, social media outlets, Brite Sessions, and other exclusive content like Brite Radio. We also give you key stats and consumer data about who your fans are so you can continue to connect with them, such as email addresses, zip codes, download history reports, and listener demographics.

Still have questions? Just send us an email and we'll point you on the right track!