What is Brite Revolution?

Brite Revolution is a music discovery platform that connects artists and fans across multiple touch points: digital, print and mobile. But, dig a little deeper and it’s not hard to find our greater purpose – building community around the core principle of music discovery. We accomplish this by fostering community in a socially conscious environment and providing an expressive platform for artists to grow awareness for their work.

See, we think there’s an awful lot of talent out there that deserves a shot. And we know there are a lot of us who are eager to discover new music from a trusted source. We also know there’s a lot of static that isn’t worth your time. We sort through the noise so that you don’t have to.

For our artists, we believe there is strength in numbers and encourage them to become advocates for other artists on the platform and partner with an organization that speaks to their heart. For our music fans, we deliver new, handpicked music on a weekly basis, and give them the tools to share their new finds with the world.

Brite is about raising a flag and taking a stand. It’s about joining a movement, not just a website. We’re a taste-making community of passionate music lovers, and the music we listen to is a perfect expression of the way we live our lives.

What does it mean that we are a “music discovery site?”

It is difficult to discover new music and to keep track of what your favorite artists are doing. Brite Revolution does the leg work for you, turning over every rock (and by rock, we mean bar stool) to find the artists you need to know about and the ones that you need to continue following. We hand pick every artist on the site. If you join for one musician, we’ll tell you the other ones on the site that you need to check out. You can download their songs, add them to your favorites and discover more every day.

Is Brite Revolution like iTunes or an online record label?

Not at all. Brite Revolution is a music community that gives subscribers access to the new songs posted by every one of our artists. Brite Revolution also offers an entire catalog of original content including videos, interviews, live performances and more. Unlike iTunes, which accepts content from anyone and charges per download, our artists are handpicked and give away music for free in order to reach new fans and part of a larger community. Also, Brite Revolution artists own their masters, publishing and maintain full control of their careers.

What kinds of artists are on Brite Revolution?

Brite is about excellence and we are committed to helping artists in any genre who have spent years honing their art, building a fan base out on the road and doing the hard work it takes to develop and sustain a career in music. If you like it, chances are we got it (or will have it soon!) If we don’t, why don’t you make a suggestion?

How do I get my band on Brite?

How nice of you to ask. The short answer is this: the people who need to know, know. If you’re not in that group, here’s a good starting point: Get great. Get fans. If you do that, we’ll find you. Promise. Unfortunately, we currently do not accept any unsolicited material. If this changes in the future, we’ll be sure to let you know.

I still have questions.

We’re all ears. Just shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to answer them!